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The girl on the left is named Maddy. She’s beautiful, isn’t she? She’s also amazingly  beautiful on the inside. On Friday night (June 8th), Maddy had a horrible migraine. A few hours later she began throwing up. Around 3:30 AM her eyes rolled back in her head and her family rushed her to the hospital. She was in surgery from 4:30 AM to 8:30. It turns out she had brain damage when she was little that the doctors weren’t aware of until last night. Her brain was bleeding internally. The doctors told her family that she was lucky to even have made it to the hospital because most people don’t even make it that far. She was put into an induced coma for about 2 or 3 days. The doctors said that she had a very good chance of recovery. Maddy is only fourteen years old.
Last night, around 1 AM, something went wrong. She became unstable and the doctors told us that her condition was worse. She was stabilized a few hours later, but everyone was left scared out of their minds. They still told us that she had a good chance of recovery.
I was just informed (its noon on the 10th) that she is expected to pass away within the next 24 hours because they cannot stop the bleeding in her brain. However, I believe in miracles. I used to make fun of people who posted these kinds of things on Tumblr. However, I see why they do that now. I believe that if many people pray, it will have an impact. Collective prayer, its called. Im asking everyone who sees this to pray for Maddy and her family. We all love her and I believe that she can get better. I cannot imagine what would happen if we lost her. She is an amazing person. If you see this post, Im asking you to please pray for Maddy. I want the word to be spread, so if you feel that this will not ruin your blog, please reblog. If you don’t want to reblog it, please like it so that I can show Maddy how many people prayed for her when she gets better. She WILL get better. We need her to.

she has not lost the battle, there is still hope for maddy <3